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FIX Environment

This is a plugin that lets brokerages re-sell their MT4 liquidity via FIX protocol to smaller brokerages or algorithmic traders. The liquidity is pluggable into any FIX-capable bridge (MT4, MT5 or other platform).

Swaps Manager

This is a simple MT4 solution for setting swaps on symbols. It works with or without the plugin installed on server.

The program allows you to change swaps on each symbol, and save changes directly on your running server. Settings can be exported to a .csv file, and all the changes can be uploaded from this file to the server later. You can always import the necessary swaps settings from a prepared .csv file as well.

MT4 server teleportation

We can transfer mt4 traders open positions, trading history, account information, symbol configuration, and group settings among MT4 servers within one weekend. This might be required if you are a MT4 white-label customer and you'd like to switch service providers, or if you are a WL service provider and you'd like to assist your new clients with onboarding.

MT4 database compression

As your MT4 server's trades database grows beyond 2 GB in size, you might experience slowdowns or even crashes because the database cannot fit into server's free memory anymore. There are two ways to solve this: 1) buying a new MT4 server, or 2) compressing the database.

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  • Tim is very devoted and dedicated to his work

    Tim is very devoted and dedicated to his work. He carried out his work with utmost passion and never left any stone un turned to accomplish the task assigned to him. He is a very hard working and energetic guy who is always bubbling with lots and lots of energy. He has all the making in him to reach greater heights. I wish Tim all the best in his future. Tim has spent sleepless nights to get the systems running realtime. Any major problems and hes either helping us get is solved over the phone or lands there at the earliest possible time. He is technically sound in his field and has slogged it out whenever needed.

    Kuber FX Raghu Nandan, Kuber FX

  • Super friendly and fast support

    We have received super friendly and fast support from Takeprofit, as and when we get to technical issues we cannot handle ourselves Brokersclub have purchased several products and service contracts from Takeprofit which have always been delivered on time.

    Brokersclub Brokersclub Management

  • Ability to support unique requirements

    We chose to work with Takeprofit Technology because of their expertise, high service and professionalism. Their ability to support unique requirements is exceptional. We had a positive experience from working with the team and recommend them as a reliable technology provider of mt4 programmes.

    ORE Vadim Levin, ORE